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Injured Workers

Employees injured in a workplace accident or who develop an occupational disease during the course of their employment are entitled to New York State Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

Lemire & Higgins represents construction workers, law enforcement officers, state employees, corrections officers, truck drivers, teachers, utility workers, electricians, plumbers, office workers, warehouse workers, laborers and all other types of employees who have been injured on the job.

Serving the Capital District – Saratoga – Lake George Region, as well as the Hudson Valley and Mohawk Valley.

Although the New York Workers’ Compensation System is supposed to be a “no-fault” system, it often becomes an adversarial process pitting the employer and insurance carrier against the injured worker. Additionally, the Workers’ Compensation Board is routinely closing cases without a hearing and without fully protecting the rights of the injured worker.


The attorneys at Lemire & Higgins are experienced in all phases of the New York Workers’ Compensation System. We will evaluate your claim, protect your rights and assist you with:



    • Filing your initial claim for benefits
    • Obtaining evidence to support your claim for benefits
    • Securing the maximum lost wage replacement benefits
    • Working with your doctors to secure authorization for medical treatment
    • Attending hearings, trials and depositions
    • Prosecuting death claims on behalf of surviving spouses and children
    • Pursuing maximum awards for:   

Section 32 Settlement

Schedule Loss of Use

Permanent Partial Disability   

Hearing and Vision Loss

Serious Facial Disfigurement.