Workers' Compensation

Being hurt at work puts everything at risk. It becomes harder to advance your career, and you can’t work to pay off the mounting medical expenses that you incur. These life-changing situations can sink you into a hole of debt that grows increasingly difficult to escape.


Injured Workers

We work to uphold the rights of those whose livelihoods hang in the balance. From educating people about workers' compensation to filing on our clients behalf. We’re proud to protect the workforces in our community.


Insurance Carriers and Employers

The Firm’s Workers’ Compensation attorneys have experience in all phases of the Workers’ Compensation process – developing and implementing claim defense strategy; handling claims throughout the hearing and trial process; negotiating and drafting Section 32 Settlements; drafting and arguing administrative appeals and perfecting appeals to the Appellate Division, Third Department and the New York State Court of Appeals.


Contact a Workers' Compensation Attorney

Our firm’s compassionate members appreciate how much of an uphill battle you face. We’ll make it less of a climb by advancing your best interests. Talk to an attorney at Lemire & Higgins about the options today.